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Create an offer they can’t resist.

As a business owner, you know that putting together a marketing strategy around your ideal client will allow you to attract the clients and customers you most want to serve. But after you attract your clients, the next step is to make them an offer.

If you want to make money in your business, you must create offers your ideal clients want to buy. Something they cannot resist and whip out their credit card with barely any resistance.

I've been selling for decades and I can tell you that there have been plenty of times that I've been tasked with trying to sell something that just wasn't able to be sold.

So what makes up a good offer? An offer is something that someone knows will solve their problem or provide the desired outcome they would like to have.

How do you create an offer that cannot be resisted? Below are the nine parts to crafting an offer that will sell.

1. Who: The first step to coming up with your offer is knowing who the offer is for. Make sure it's designed for the person you most want to work with.

2. What: Once you know who it's for, what problem(s) will your offer solve for them?

3. Why: The next part of creating an offer is knowing why your ideal client needs it. Once you write this out then you'll be able to answer any objection they have about buying it.

4. What Benefits: Then you need to know what benefits your offer will provide for them?

5. Results: Next you need to identify the results. What is someone going to learn, do, have or be as a result of your offer?

6. Features: Then you want to lay out the features of your product and service.

7. Cost: Next you need to determine your cost. What are you charging? What is the full payment amount? What is the amount if they pay in payments?

8. Bonuses: When you create your offers, you should consider offering additional bonuses. These add to the value of the program and support the offer.

9. Limiters: Sometimes have a limiter entices someone to buy. A limiter can be done as a limited time offer or in the number of how many are available.

For every offer, you create you want to make sure you have all nine elements included. When you do, you'll have a much more attractive and desirable offer. Which then makes selling your services that much easier.

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